Platypus Pre-Kindy

3 - 4 Year Olds

Empowering Early Learning

In our engaging pre-kindergarten classroom, children embark on a journey of discovery through experiential play, fostering essential life skills such as socialization, sharing, and self-identity development. From day one, our dedicated educators build meaningful connections with families, gaining deep insights into each child’s overall growth and tailoring achievable challenges accordingly. Our inclusive program seamlessly integrates each child’s unique learning journey, while we actively encourage and cherish collaborative partnerships with parents, empowering them to support and nurture their child’s newfound skills.

Toddlers teamwork experiments

Curriculum is focused on building and development

Three orange and yellow leaves scattered on a black background.
Guitars for learning and creating music

Our Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

The Lakes Early Learning Centre logo is a representative visual symbol of the Springfield childcare center that offers kindergarten near me.

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