Koala Toddlers

2 - 3.5 Years

Adventures in Our Koala Toddler Room

Our Koala toddler room boasts a generously-sized classroom that seamlessly extends onto a veranda, creating a harmonious indoor/outdoor learning environment. In addition to sharing the space with our Wombat’s, our Koalas enjoy access to a dedicated toddler playground where they have plenty of room to play, interact, and develop friendships with children of all ages. To foster self-help skills, our toddlers share a bathroom with their senior counterparts, encouraging peer learning and interaction with older classmates. Our dedicated educators provide a diverse range of age-appropriate resources, facilitating exploration, discovery, and imaginative learning experiences for our little ones.

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Wide-ranging indoor playing room

Curriculum is focused on building and development

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Amazing outdoor sand playground for toddlers

Exciting Adventures

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