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Springfield Lakes Child Care Centre

The Lakes Early Learning Centre in Springfield Lakes, located in the outer Brisbane region, is a reputable childcare center that has been serving the community since 2009. With a strong foundation and years of experience, they are one of the original childcare centers in the area. Their commitment to providing high-quality early learning and care for children from birth to preschool age sets them apart. Offering a range of programs and activities tailored to each child’s needs,

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Frequently Asked Questions

At our daycare centre, we maintain a low child-to-staff ratio to ensure that each child receives individual attention and care. Our ratio is carefully designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Currently, our ratio is 1 caregiver for every 4 children in our infant and toddler rooms, and 1 caregiver for every 8 children in our preschool and pre-kindergarten rooms.

Our staff members are highly qualified and experienced in early childhood education. They possess the necessary qualifications, including early childhood education degrees and certifications. Additionally, they undergo continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest teaching practices and techniques. Our team is dedicated to providing the best care and educational experiences for your child.

Our daycare center follows a structured daily schedule that balances both learning and playtime. Our curriculum is designed to promote holistic development in various areas, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical domains. We incorporate age-appropriate activities, such as circle time, arts and crafts, outdoor play, storytime, and sensory play. Our curriculum is flexible and tailored to meet the developmental needs and interests of each child.

Your child’s safety is our top priority. We have implemented comprehensive safety and security measures to ensure a secure environment. These measures include controlled access to the facility, surveillance cameras, rigorous background checks for staff members, regular safety drills, and strict adherence to health and sanitation guidelines. We also have clear policies and procedures in place for emergencies and parent-child pick-up protocols.

The Lakes Early Learning Centre logo is a representative visual symbol of the Springfield childcare center that offers kindergarten near me.

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